Sardarji Consulting For Shuttle Flight In NASA

Consultant Sardarji Saves NASA

The scientists and engineers at NASA were ready to launch a space shuttle however at the very last minute a weird problem was bothering them – the engine of space shuttle somehow won’t start. Without being able to fire up the engine, it was impossible to launch the shuttle and the whole country was watching on the live TV.

consulting All the experts checked every aspect of the shuttle, its engine and what not. All space engine consultants were around the world but no solutions and all fix attempts were going to vain.

Finally, they were able to contact an Indian aviation expert who happened to be a Sardar, and was willing to offer his help under one condition that NASA follows his instructions without questions. At desperate times, NASA obliged.

The Sardar goes – All right, first of tilt the space shuttle at 45 degrees to the right. Everyone at NASA was puzzled, but did it anyway.

Now, turn it back to the upright position – the Sardar said. The engineers followed instructions. He further instructed – bring it back to the 45 degree tilted position, hold, and now finally make it upright again.

Smiling, he said – Now start the engines and the rockets were all working and the space ship was completely ready to take off.

After the successful launch, everyone congratulated him and asked him how he knew what to do. He replied -

Well, simple, simple – this is where experience comes into play. That is what we always do with our Bajaj scooters in India, when it refuses to start.

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