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Sardar Wants Grapes

A Sardar goes to a doctor’s office and asks the nurse if she had any grapes. The nurse says “this is a doctor’s office we don’t carry any grapes.” The Sardar apologizes and leaves. The next day he returns and … Continue reading

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Twin Kids to Santa Singh

What about the sardarji wife who gave birth to twins? . . . .

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Santa Singh Betting on Cricket

Santa Singh saw that his friend Banta Singh was very depressed. “What happened ?” asked Santa. “Yaar, I lost Rs. 1,000 in a bet yesterday.” “How come ?” “Well, yesterday, the one-day match between India and England was being shown … Continue reading

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Sardar Watching Grain From Cattles

Sardar Watching Grain (Posted by Krishna Lohani Sent Via Facebook) There was a sardar jee who had 5 children, obviously when he had many children his financial situation was not good. He had several animal, goat, sheep and etc. one … Continue reading

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Sardar and light Blub

Why can’t sardars put in light bulbs? Because they keep breaking them with a hammer.

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Sardars Eating Sandwitch In Subway

Sardar gets into trouble by bringing outside food. Two sardars went into a subway restaurant in New York City. They ordered 1 coke and 1 pepsi. Once they had their cold drinks, each of them took out a sandwiches from … Continue reading

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Doctor Sardar Falls In Love With a Nurse

  Q. Why Dr. Sardar could not marry the nurse he loved? A. His love letter stated – I love you so much, sister!

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Sardar’s Marriage and Sardar’s Divorce

This is a 2 part joke of marriage and divorce – note how they’ve similar solutions – It can only happen with a Sardar. – SillySardar 1) Sardar ji proposes a marriage: Sardar approached his sweetheart and made a real … Continue reading

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Sardar And His Wife Drinking Coffee In Starbucks

One day, Sardar ji brings his wife to Starbucks for a nice treat. After looking at the menu, he orders their favorite coffee. While waiting for the order to arrive, he approaches his wife and whispers – Dear, drink coffee … Continue reading

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Santa Singh’s New Car – Honda Civic 2012

Santa Singh’s New Car Problem Santa Singh decide to upgrade from a Scooter and bought a brand new Honda Civic 2012 model. As a virgin test ride, he wanted to go long distance and decided to see his dear friend … Continue reading

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