Santa Banta Highschool Reunion Joke

3 high-school sardar friends Jasbir Singh, Santa Singh and Banta Singh were meeting for a lunch after 10 years gap. After talking about everything else, their consersation turned around to their wives.

Santa Singh asked – All right guys, how often do you and your wife make love these days?

Jasbir Singh said – well, it’s about once a week.
Banta Singh said – Wow, we do it about once a month these days.

Santa looked very happy and could not stopped grinning.

Then Banta asked Santa – so what about you?

Santa replied – We make love about once a year.

Both friends were stunned. Once a year? What? And you are so happy and smiling? How can you be so happy, dude?

Santa said – Well, fellows, tell you what, tonight is that night.

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