Santa Singh Owes Money

Santa Singh was running a business in Punjab. He was not doing very well and to make matters worse, his wholesaler kept on writing him threatening letters to pay his outstanding invoices. After the fifth such letter, Santa Singhlost his patience and replied to his wholesaler. This is what he wrote: -

Dear Sir,
I object to your recent threatening letters and I think I need to explain to you how I do business. Every month, my accountant calculates how much money I can afford to pay out. Then I place all my creditors’ invoices in a hat and get my secretary to draw out as many invoices from the hat as I have money to pay. If you persist in sending out these threatening letters, I won’t even put your invoices in the hat.”

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2 Responses to Santa Singh Owes Money

  1. Davion says:

    I will put this to good use!

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