Sardar Studying Shakespeare

Sardar and English Literature Class in College

In an English literature class, the Professor was going to begin lectures on Shakespeare.sardar and shakespeare

Since it was the first day of semester, the Professor asked the Sardar ji – “Hi, Santa Singh, have you read Romeo and Juliet?”
Well, Sardar ji thought for a second. He certainly wanted to give the professor a good impression on the first day of school, but was not sure of the book either. So he replied – “Humm, I think I have read Romeo already, but did not have time to finish Juliet.”

Professor explained that it was a single book. Everyone in class laughed. Santa was a bit embarrassed on his stupidity and was thinking he should have been simply honest.

Then, again, Professor asked another question – “That’s fine, Santa, Have you ever read Shakespeare?”

Now, it was Sardar’s chance to save his face and he wanted to answer the question with full honesty. He replied – “No Sir, who wrote it?”

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  1. Cori says:

    lol!! that is a great idea! :D

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