Santa Singh Poor Pilot Of Arctic Airways

Get off the the airplane when

1) Santa Singh, the pilot asks the passengers to chip in a little for fuel.

2) Santa Singh, the pilot yells out the window to get the polar bears off the runway.

3) You can’t board the plane unless you have the exact number of seal-skins.

4) In-flight movie? You don’t need one – your life keeps flashing before your eyes!

5) Santa Singh, the pilot starts the engines with a crack of his whip… and then yells “mush” as he starts down the runway!

6) You hear Santa Singh, the pilot yell “haw” just before the plane banks to the left.

7) You see a passenger waving a rifle, but he’s demanding to be let off the plane!

8) Before you take off, Santa Singh, the pilot tells you to fasten your rope.

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