Santa Singh’s New Car – Honda Civic 2012

Santa Singh’s New Car Problem

Santa Singh decide to upgrade from a Scooter and bought a brand new Honda Civic 2012 model. As a virgin test ride, he wanted to go long distance and decided to see his dear friend Banta Singh in next town. So he called up his friend, told him about the new car, and started driving from Delhi to Patna. Car was excellent, and the ride was fine. He got there in few hours time as planned and had a great time chit-chatting about the car and life in general.
Later, it was time to head back home. Santa Singh bid farewell to his friend, and called his wife to prepare dinner as he was heading back and should arrive home in next few hours.

It was well past 6 hours of the call and yet Santa Singh was not home. His wife was getting worried. 10 hours past and still no sign of Santa. Finally, after full 12 hours of his call, Santa arrived home – safe and sound but really frustrated.

His wife asked – Dear hubby, what’s this, you half killed me with worry. What took so long?

Santa Singh replied – Honey, tell you what, these Japanese Engineers who built Civic are bunch of morons. It was not problem going to Banta’s house but coming back was a slow slow ride. They have built 5 gears in Honda Civic to move forward and only 1 gear to move backwards.
5 forward gears only 1 for reverse joke

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2 Responses to Santa Singh’s New Car – Honda Civic 2012

  1. Janaiss says:

    Wow, that’s a clever way of thinking about it!

  2. pavan says:

    what a genius sardarji! He surely rockzzz…….

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