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Santa Singh Abusing Police Office – Getting Ticket Joke

If you are getting a ticket, will you plead with the officer or abuse him? One day Santa Singh and his wife went into town and went into a shop. They were in the shop for less than 5 minutes … Continue reading

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5 Silly Actions of Santa Singh

Here is a list of top 5 silly things Santa Singh has done lately. 1. He tried to down a fish to kill. 2. That’s after he tried to kill a bird by throwing off the cliff. 3. He got … Continue reading

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Sardar Jokes Rocks

(Submitted by Prasanth prasanthker…@yahoo…) On a trip to Punjab my friend from Bangalore had great experience. While on the tourist bus he was asked to share some jokes. Seing the crowd full of Sardars, he started little hesitant – ” … Continue reading

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Banta Singh Loses His Train Ticket

Problems of losing a train ticket One fine day, Banta Singh was on his trip in the train well dressed and looking perfect. After a while, the collector showed up and Banta Singh for his train ticket. Banta Singh looked … Continue reading

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Sardar’s April Fool Trick

How did Sardar had a April Fool Trick? On April 1st, Sardar wanted to apply April 1st trick to someone desperately and had an idea. On his way to his work, in the train, he decided to do a trick … Continue reading

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