Santa Singh’s Amazing Golden Goal in Football

How Santa Singh’s Bend-It-Like-Beckham Goal Saved the Day?

It was 2nd half of the final football (soccer) match between the underdog Santa Singh’s college team vs the 3 time reigning champion team. The game was tied at 2-2 and there was 5 minutes to go in the game. It was a height of football thriller and everyone was at the edge of their seats while the players were trying their best.

All of a sudden, the star player of Santa Singh’s college team gets inured and all hopes for his team seems to be gone. Coach sends Santa Singh as the replacement. Substitute Santa gets into the field as a center forward and on a nice cross from his teammate strikes an amazing gravity defying Bend-It-Like-Beckham Goal which flies past the goalie while goalie did not even have chance to move. Right after that the whistle blows and next thing you know everyone is carrying Santa Singh on their shoulders with ear splitting hip hip hooray. sardar-jokes-soccer-football-goal

Santa Singh, not really a great football player is himself surprised at his own feat. How did the ball that seemed to be going to the right turned to left in midair and went inside the net? His coach obviously sorry for not having sent Santa Singh earlier into the match asks him – Hey, how did you do that? How did you make such a beautiful Bend-It-Like-Beckham Goal? What’s your secret?

Santa Singh replied … Well, My secret is … I had my left boot on my right foot and right boot on my left foot.

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