Spirit of Sardar Jokes

Greatness of A Sardar – This is the spirit of Best Sardar Jokes

This is a true story that happened with my best friend.

In a summer break my best friend and his cousins were in a family vacation in Amritsar and rented a car to go around the town. The cab driver was an old Sardar ji. To irritate the old Sardar, they were cracking various Sardar jokes, some funny ones, some not very funny ones (you know what I mean?). However, the cab driver was never mad with them rather laughing the whole time. Finally, they paid the cab cost.

The Sardar returned the change. Moreover, he gave each one of them one rupee extra and said – ‘Boys, all afternoon you have been enjoying Sardar jokes. I am listening to them all and let me tell you, some of them were in a very bad taste. Still, I don’t mind because I know that you are young kids and you still have to see and learn a lot in life. But I have just one request – Here I am giving you one rupee each. Give it to the first Sardar beggar that you come across in this city or wherever.”

My friend continued – “That one rupee coin is still with me. I couldn’t find a single Sardar begging – from the streets of Amritsar all the way to America.”

This is the spirit of Sardar Jokes – be able to take humor and take pride in your work. Play hard, and lighten up with humor.

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