Sardar Jokes Martini and Olive

Funny Sardar Joke

One evening Sardar ji went to a bar and ordered a large martini. Before drinking the martini, he picked the olive from the drink, and carefully put it into a jar that he got it out of his pocket.

Next, he ordered another large martini, and did the same Рhe picked the olive off the drink and safely put it into the jar. Third Martini was ordered,  and same deal Рhe was picking up the olive and saving it in the jar. This went on until the jar the full of olives. Sardar was almost drunk by now, well almost.

For the bartender that was the most unique thing he had ever seen – so he was keeping an eye on what the Sardar was upto. He could not held his curiosity and finally asked – Hey Sardar ji, what’s up with you picking up all the olives carefully in the jar? What’s the reason?

Sardar ji replied – oh that, no big deal, my wife sent me out tonight to a store to get a jar of olives. That’s all.


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