Sardar ji and Angels of Death

Interaction of Sardar ji and Death of Angel

One day, the god of death Yamaraj said to his staff – it’s time to bring Santa Singh to heaven and called 51 of his best men. Everyone was surprised – 51? Normally, just 1 or 2 of us go to earth to bring a fellow for his judgement day. Yamaraj said – trust me on this, all 51 of you should go. Completely puzzled, they went to fetch the Sardar ji. yamraj comes for Sardar

When they met with Santa Singh, the rule was they had to ask 1 question that Sardar had to answer. The lead angel of death asked the question to the Sardar and … well, after a while angels of death understood why the god of death sent extra 50 people.

It took all 50 of the death angel team to make sure the Sardar understood the question he was asked.

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