Santa Singh’s Horse Racing Dream and An Astrologer

After a lucky dream, Santa Singh Consults A Astrologer – Latest Sardar Jokes 2011

One day, Santa had a lucky dream which has number 3 written all over it. Someone in the dream was telling him to follow the number 3. Not sure what to do, he went to see an astrologer and and he gave Santa some useful tips on what to do throughout the day.

Next morning, out of curiosity, the astrologer himself came to Santa’s house to see how it went and Santa narrated the story.

Guru ji, just like you told me, yesterday, I ate 3 bowls of cereals for breakfast, and 3 cups of coffee. Then I went for a 3 mile jogging and took 3 minutes shower after that. I got dressed in the clothes from the 3rd hanger in my closet, and warmed my scooter for 3 minutes before heading out the 3rd horse racing track. I parked on the Lot #3 and bought the ticket on the 3rd window for the horse named – The Third Eye.

Astrologer was nodding his head and said – Good, good, Then what happened?

Santa – Then, I bought 3 tickets with $333 on each on “The Third Eye” horse.

Astrologer – Did you win?

Santa replied with a frowning face – the lousy “The Third Eye” horse came on the 3rd position.

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