Funny Sardar Jokes – Medical School Humor and others …

Here are couple of funny Sardar Jokes

1)Medical School

Santa Singh says to Banta: I am really a very proud Sardar today. My son got accepted in medical college.
Banta: Really, what would he be studying?
Santa: No. He is not studying anything. They would be studying him.

2) What is Santa Singh’s Salary?

Santa was filling up application form for a job. He was not sure as to what to put in the column “Salary Expected”. After much thought he wrote : Yes, please.

Then, at the bottom of the application form where it says: “Sign Here”, he puts ‘Scorpio’.

3) 5 Sardar Characteristics

  • Sends a fax with a postage stamp on it.
  • Studies for a blood test and fails.
  • Misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead.
  • Trips over a cordless phone.
  • Tries to drown a fish in water.
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