Sardarji Gets Attacked by Robber with AIDS

Why Sardar ji did not give his money to the robber with AIDS?

Once a Sardarji, a Madrasi dude and a Gujarati were waiting for a train in New York City, when a weird fellow approached them. The weird fellow all of a sudden pulled out a syringe with blood inside it and threatened – “Give me all your money or I’ll pierce you with this needle – I have AIDS”. Of course, everyone was naturally alarmed – but not the great the sardar-ji.

Madrasi dude immediately gave away his wallet. The Gujarati man bargained with the AIDs-guy and gave away half of his money. The sardar, however, seemed unaffected. He refused to part with his money. In anger and frustration, the AIDS-guy pricked the sardar with the needle and ran away.The alarmed Madrasi and Gujju asked the sardar – “OMG. How could you do this? Now you will get AIDS”.
The Sardar ji confidently replied – ” No! I won’t! I have a condom on”.

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