Sardar Jokes – Santa Singh Bartender Funny

Santa Singh was was a bartender and one guy with heavy east European accent came to his bar and asked for 3 double vodka. Sardar said – hey, dude, you must have a hell of day today, huh?

The guy said Рyea, a terrible news Рjust today, I found out my older brother is a gay. Damn! And he gulps the drink.

Next day the same guy shows up again and right away asks for 4 double vodka. Santa Singh the bartender was surprised, and asked, dude you ok? what happened again today?

Sadly the guy replies – today, again I found out my younger brother is a gay as well. What a crap! and he gulps 4 double vodka away. Oh well, what could Santa Singh do.

Third day in a row, the guy shows up again – this time it seems it worse – he says – Santa Singh, give me 5 double vodka right away. I need the drink now. Santa Singh get surprised, and tries to understand the situation. With sympathy, he asks, brother, anyone in your family like women at all?

The guy, nods his head in silence, and says, – Yea, my wife.



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