Sardar Ji Bar Joke – Why Celebrating

Two Sardar Jis in a Bar

Two sardars came into a bar, sat down, and ordered drinks. They were making merry in a serious way and it was obvious to the bartender that they were celebrating something big. The bartender’s curiosity finally got the better of him and he says “Hey, don’t mind asking me, but hey, it’s obvious that you 2 are celebrating something very big. What’s the party for?”

Banta Singh replied “Well, we are just very proud of ourselves, because we just finished – just the two of us alone – a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle in only 3 days.”

Confused, the bartender asks “What’s so special about that?”

To which Santa Singh said, “Are you kidding me? On the box it says 3 – 5 years.”

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