Santa Singh Telling An Emotional Story on The Tallest Hotel in Chicago

Santa Singh Tells an Emotional Story and Makes Everyone Cry, How?

One summer, Santa Singh went to visit Chicago with his 2 friends. They were doing everything in style – riding cool cars, taking out sail boats, visiting best bars and staying in the nicest hotel. Their hotel in particular was really awesome – on the top floor of the highest building in the windy city.

One day, back from the party, they came back to realize the elevator (lift) was not working to their suite at the 100th floor of the hotel building. Alas! they had no choice but to walk.

Since it was a long walk up, they decided to tell a story to pass time on the stairs easily.

The first friend narrated an action story that took them upto the 50th floor. The second friend told a comedy story and they laughed all the way up to the 99th floor!

Finally, Santa Singh had to tell a story that would push them 1 more set of flights, and he told a a very sentimental story. Finally, they were on the 100th floor and they were all crying with tears in their eyes.

Take a guess what kind of story, Santa Singh must have told:




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