Santa Singh In Manchester United Vs Chelsey Football Match

Why Santa Singh was too cold in the Soccer stadium in Man U Vs Chelsey Football Match?
(Posted by Arvind Ramesh)

Tired of watching football/soccer on TV, once Santa Singh bought a ticket and went to watch a real game in stadium. The afternoon was nice, settings were perfect and teams were great. Both teams, had as usual, tons of supporters, making ear blasting noise. Everyone was having a great time except Santa Singh was feeling very cold.
Q: Why do you think is the soccer stadium very cold on such a good match being played?
A: Because there are a lotta FANS on the ground for Sardar ji. ;)

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  1. google says:

    I liked your joke very an interesting thanks to google I found you

  2. Lenna says:

    You have my appreciation. funny joke

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