Santa Singh Getting Rid of His Dog

Santa Singh’s dog has become a big nuisance for him and he has decided to get rid of him. One day, he blindfolded the dog and took it somewhere and let the dog go. By the time Sardar ji was back at home, the dog had already arrived home. Humm… He thought- I have to take him a bit further. sardars_dog

Next day, he took him in a taxi and took him 5 miles away and let him go. The same story happened … the dog was back home before he was able to get back.

He decided to try again and this time, he decided to confuse the dog by making it walk in all kinds of patterns all around the city and let him go at about 10 miles from his house. This time he was sure, the dog won’t be able to find his way home and slowly headed towards his home. After about 20-30 min he called his wife at his home and asked – Hey, by any chance, has the dog returned already? His wife replied – unfortunately, yes. the dog has found his way to home already. Then the sardar said – allright, tell that little rascal to come and get me … and now I am lost in this city alley and going in circles for past 30 minutes.

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