Sardar Job Interview – Why Sardar Failed?

Sardar Job Interview – Why he did not get the job despite getting 9/10 questions correct?

Sardar was in the final round of a job interview and was competing against just other guy. For the final interview, they had to answer 10 questions. Both of them were in the hall and took the test and handed it over to the interviewer.

After revision of the answer, the job was NOT awarded to the Sardar and he went to ask why was that?

The interviewer told him – You got 9 out of 10 answers correct.
Sardar - How about the other guy?
Interviewer - He also missed the same question you were not able to answer. So both of you have 9/10.
Sardar - Then how come he got the job and not me?
Interviewer - Well, it came to the question both of you could not answer.
Sardar - What do you mean? Is this nepotism? I will complain.
Interviewer - The decision was based on the question both of you were not able to answer. OK, let me explain. On that question that both of you missed, the guy who got the job had answered “I DON’T KNOW.” and you had answered – “NEITHER DO I.”


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