Sardar’s Marriage and Sardar’s Divorce

This is a 2 part joke of marriage and divorce – note how they’ve similar solutions – It can only happen with a Sardar. – SillySardar

1) Sardar ji proposes a marriage:

Sardar approached his sweetheart and made a real smooth and sweet proposal for marriage.
The girl said – Sardar ji, you are handsome and all, but I am exactly 1 year older than you are. Will it be a good match?
Sardar replied – Oye Darling, you consider that a problem? Then, I will marry you the next year.

2) Sardar ji consulting a judge on his divorce case:

Unfortunately, fast forward to next few year’s and the poor Sardarji has come back to court for a divorce.

After reviewing the divorce application of Sardarji and his wife, the Judge asked – What are your thoughts on custody of your 3 children. How will you divide 3 kids fairly between 2 of you after divorce?

Sardar ji thought for a second, quickly talked to his wife, and replied to the Judge – Your Honor, we”ll apply for divorce next year.

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