Sardar Policeman Checking Sardar Driver’s License

A Sardar cop stops Sardar driver and asks for his driving license. sardar-cop-sardar-driver

The driver scuffles around in his pockets and can’t find it. He says to the cop, “I must have left it at home, officer.”

The cop says, “Well, do you have any other form of identification?” The motorist scuffles around in his backpack again, and finds a pocket mirror.

He looks at it and says to the cop, “All I have is this picture of myself.” The cop says, “Let me see it, then.” So the sardar motorist gives the mirror to the sardar cop, who looks at it, and replies, “Well, if I had known you were a police officer, I wouldn’t have even pulled you over. You can go now.”

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4 Responses to Sardar Policeman Checking Sardar Driver’s License

  1. Sk says:

    This is pretty funny :)

  2. Johny Sharma says:


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