Sardarji Plays Chess With Gary Kasparov

Mr. Banta Singh is traveling from Moscow to Delhi. On the airplane, Gary Kasparov is seated besides him. Gary asks him whether he would like to play chess to kill time.

Banta: ‘Oye Gar(r)y. You think I don’t know who you are?. I can’t compete with a world champion’
Gary: ‘How about if I play with my left hand?’

Banta: [after thinking a while] ‘OK!’

Banta gets the checkmate in 4 moves and is very upset through-out the rest of the journey. On landing he meets his friend Santa Singh.

Banta: Hey! you know what! I played Chess with Gary Kasparov and he defeated me in spite of him playing with the left hand.
Santa: Oye ullu-de pathey (dim-witted)! He sure did fool you!! You know what? Gary IS LEFT-HANDED!!


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