Bablu Singh, Sardar ji with MBA

Don’t kid around with Sardar-ji with MBA

Once Bablu Singh and his 2 friends were on a boating trip. Bablu was in MBA program, while his friends are in engineering and medical line.

All of a sudden, a genie appeared from the ocean and told them – hey, I am the genie of the ocean.Throw something in the ocean. If I find it I will eat you alive, if not, I will be your slave for your life.

With no choice, Engineering student threw a tiny piece of pin into the water. The Genie found it in few seconds and the Engineering student was gone. The medical student threw a heavy piece of rock that went all the way to the bottom of the ocean but the genie was able to find it and poof goes the medical student.

Finally, it was Bablu Singh’s turn and he threw away a a tablet of tylenol into the water, which quickly got dissolved in the salty waters.

Genie could not find it and then Bablu Singh said – allright son, first get my friends out, then let’s go home, there is a ton of homework you need to finish.

Moral: Don’t kid around with Sardar-ji with MBA.

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